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Seabass fly fishing

If you like fly fishing, you have to try Bass fishing with Fly… It is a very attractive game fishing.

Gillie for Fly fishing for sea bass

fly fishing for sea bass in Golfe of Morbihan Brittany France

bertrand Fenart pêche bar à la mouche r

Why Fly Fishing for sea bass:

In France only a couple of theses techniques are sometime seen, by fishermen in kayak on from the shore. With the help of Olivier Plasseraud, Doctor in ichtyologie and several times french champion for trout fishing, we conducted a series of tests which demonstrated the incredible effectiveness of this technique when properly practiced.

pêche à la mouche olivier Plasseeraud 2


Since the age of 13, I practiced fly fishing on rivers and lakes of Ireland.I always bring fishermen to Delphi LOdge in Connemara where I bought the rights there over ten years. These years of fishing and guiding help me to develop the most simple and effectives techniques. And for over 20 years, I have the opportunity to fish with Olivier Plasseraud, severe times french champion for trout fishing. Thanks to him, whether inIreland or franc in its Pyrénées, I have opportunity to question myself and progress on his contact. (see my blogs :


The originality of my offer is to provide a surface fly fishing with piper that allows you to see attacks. The fly fishing under the surface with a classical fly is sometime necessary.


The gulf of Morbihan is ideal. No waves, no sea sickness, always the possibility to find a island well protected where it is esker to fish make fly fishing very pleasant and efficient. Fields of osters tables active or abandoned, borders algae or beaches offers a very large possibility of fishing with sometimes very large fish to 70cm.With the experience of 200 days per year spent on the water, I am also able to spot signs that nobody knows ans that allows me to detect the presence of large fish.


Withe my las 90hp engine generation, noise is limited to the maximum. As also we arrive at a critical distance fish, my electric motor mounted on the base takes over. Whether approaching, steer the ship or keep a position; it is incredibly effective and allows for ideal fly fishing (lure too)


The bar range goes from 20cm to 70 cm. The average is around 45cm. And the size limit by law is 42 cm


It is a 5,60 m long ribs. which allows all kind of fishing in shallow waters


I can provide all the fishing tackle ans it is include in the price.


for 05h30 real fishing

150 euros by fisherman if two on the boat, only one fly fisherman the other fish with lure.

300 euros to be alone with me

add 10 € if you make a present.

settlement must be made before by bank transfer. In case of bad weather the fishing is postponed


Call Bertrand at 00 33 6 50 83 62 90 (please not after 8PM)

or 00 33 9 60 15 05 91

my mail :

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Bar à la mouche Olivier Plasseraud - copie

pêche bar  mouche golfe du morbihan

peche bar mouche bretagne Plasseraud

pêche bar mouche bretagne

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