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Sea Bass fishing

Sea bass fishing in the Golfe du Morbihan – Brittany – France

Light casting :
Discover the pleasure of casting floating and diving lures and awaiting the violent bite of a nice 50 cm sea bass.  It will always surprise you. Take the time to fight it until you land it in the net. Together we’ll do our best to ensure you learn how to use the conditions, currents and bring you to the best locations.  We’ll teach you how to find the signs that will allow you to interpret a given situation, choose the right lures and make the right cast.  Fish on!
Drifs :
Drifs is the local (Breton) name for flexible weighted lures, also known as shads. This is a traditional Gulf of Morbihan fishery method and it works because the drifs mimic the local bait fish. We’re hoping that you may be lucky enough to catch the sea bass of your life, one over the magical 3 kilos, or for older UK and Irish anglers 10 pounds!!! My record is 7.2 kilos (about 17 pounds), and I earnestly hope that you to beat him!  Stalking fish with lures is a wonderful way to fish.  Sometimes we come upon the quietly, sometimes it will be in more lively conditions, either on foot or from a boat, depending on the locations and tidal power. Lure fishing is a technical form of angling but with our expert tuition and local knowledge, you can learn quickly: – we will show you how to animate your lure, to feel what is happening through the line and then the time comes suddenly when what you thought was the sea bed comes alive!  This is edge-of-the-seat fishing and the bass shoal aggressively and hunt as bigger individuals in our shallow warm Morbihan waters.
Fly fishing :
Bertrand Fenart has an extensive practice for fly fishing in Ireland. Beyond the trout and salmon, I practice pike fly fishing for years. The technique is the same and I can lend you equipment if necessary. Bass fishing in Morbihan is a summer and autumn sport, in or around high tide.
Drift with live fish :
The law permits this method in France. Whilst I take no sides on the debate on whether to fish this way, if in certain circumstances clients wish to use this technique, I can offer it but to my mind it offers less exciting sport !
Gilthead sea (Sparus aurata) and black sea Bream (Spondiliosoma cantharus) fishing :
Aside from bass, I don’t usually offer this fishing but if you insist strongly, it can be arranged.  The beautiful black bream (grisets) is best caught by fishing with baits on the drift or in some locations on anchor. Some locations will allow you tackle gilthead sea bream over 5 kilos in weight. But beware, if the fish can be exceptional one day, it can be an empty-handed experience the next.
You can also mix the types of fishing on one day, but as we say : “too many kisses, bad hugs”…  ok, I think its lost in translation!

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