Fishing guide - Brittany

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Chambres d’Hôte : . they are good friends and the house is really beautiful. It is located at 2 minutes of Arradon and 3 minutes of the port.

Hôtel Stivell ***: http://www.hotelstivell.comIt is own by a sea bass fisherman  who shares your passions. The hotel is convenient and inside the village of Arradon at  three minutes from the port by car. Lunch or snack can be prepared to take away.

Hôtel Parc er Greo*** :

Quiet and nearby costal path ; you’ll like !

Hôtel beau rivage**

In town, near the tennis club

Hôtel les Vénêtes*** :

Feet in the water… inside the port of Arradon

Oysters producer Ets JEGAT : 8 Allée de la Pointe 56610 Arradon. Tél. : 02 97 44 02 45

We will dock a boat at high tide. I will comment the visit and you will take your order oyster… top quality

Des Poissons Si Grands (DPSG)

In Paris, 160 rue de Grenelle 75007 (and at about 20 mètres : 45 avenue de le Tour Maubourg).

DPSG are two neighboring fishing shops in Paris, but especially DPSG offers the most remarkable Catalog Item fishing market. Their website will answer all your questions. DPSG is a great specialist in marine fisheries and deliver around the world.

Des poissons si grands

Fishing tackle shop in Paris

Des poissons si grands

USHIP : N ° 1 of the ship chandlers was our first sponsor early in the project. We are sincerely grateful to them:

Iogo uship

NAVICOM : All marine electronics and particularly our 1197C on the  top picture !

SALMO : probably the magazine’s most interesting and scientifically reliable about trout and salmon fishing; On sale at all newsagents. Its editor, Olivier Plasseraud, has a doctorate in ichthyology ; He was  (for trout) 3 times french champion, Vice-World Champion and two times bronze medalist team. The articles in his magazine exclude “claptraps and blusters” in the words of the remarkable bass fisherman, François Boullet, when he spoke of the fishermen who tell their life too easy !


DELPHI LODGE : and that you contact directly ! Delphi has is own gillies.

Irlande delphi lodge

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