Fishing guide - Brittany

Terms of sales

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Fish with professional sailor : to be a sea guide and be covered by insurance, the law imposes a degree in shipping (capitaine 200) and if there is only one sailor on board, a diploma suited to the engine (mécanicien 250KW). This generates compliance maritime security constraints required (driver’s navigational equipment specific and regular monitoring of vessel that is registered as a professional (two letters and, separate, 6 numbers).

Security :

Fisherman consider the rules of the chapter “Equipment / security”.

Provide names, addresses and telephone numbers of participants family before boarding (condition of the navigation permit).

Confirm having no particular problem practicing this activity, particularly on the medical plan. He agrees to inform Bertrand of any particular situation may be useful to its security.

Wearing life jackets is mandatory by law.

Other safety regulations and good sense are available in the boat and explained at the outset. Fihermen participate to the security of all by looking around him during fishing and the travel. He does not move during travel and ask to the captain before any action.

Reservations for foreigners:

Bertrand confirm the appointment by mail.

30% deposit by check sent to the company or straight to my account (call me):


Deposit valid for one year if modified up to 2 weeks, except July and August where the deadline is 3 weeks.

Balance before shipment.

Gift: benefit payable by check in full before day of fishing

Because of my pour english, the french version is the official rule. Please read it and call me if necessary.

the french version has been modified in december 2015.